Vindictive souls looking to buy magical curses to place on their enemies will have to go shopping somewhere other than eBay (EBAY). Wired reports that eBay will officially ban “intangible” items from being auctioned starting on August 30th, including “spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, healing sessions” and more.

eBay is doing this presumably to prevent its users from being ripped off by fraudsters and hucksters who peddle magical wares that don’t actually do anything of significance. But as Wired notes, there’s a catch: Many users are extremely happy with the purported enchanted items they’ve been buying. For instance, Wired says that one user who routinely auctions off intangible items such as a “Vampire Mistress Sex Spirit” and a “Haunted Succubus Nymph Wife Girlfriend” has generated positive feedback, including one user who said that the vampire mistress spirit he purchased was “palpable” and had “incredible energy output.”

But as Wired points out, even if eBay users can’t get their share of frost runes and soul gems from eBay anymore, they’ll likely still be able to find similar items on Craigslist.


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