This week we sat down with Sam Tarantino, co-founder and CEO of streaming music service Grooveshark to discuss the state of the music industry, streaming music services, and what Grooveshark is doing to empower both independent artists and record labels. We also discuss the company’s legal battle with major labels as well as Grooveshark’s new product called Beluga, which lets artists get deep insights into listener behavior with access to more than 100 different data points about their fans and listeners. Beluga helps musicians optimize their strategies by learning exactly where they should plan tour stops, what merchandise to carry at their shows and more. The full episode can be seen below and don’t forget to subscribe to the i am OTHER YouTube channel to be the first to catch The BGR Show each week.

Grooveshark is a streaming music service that recently launched Beluga, a brand new platform that helps artists track listener behavior and better understand their fans. By putting powerful tools in the hands of artists, Grooveshark is giving musicians insights that only major record labels themselves have enjoyed until now.