iPad Mini Parts Leak Photos

Pictures of what is reportedly a dock connector flex cable for Apple’s (AAPL) soon-to-be-released iPad mini have been published by French website Nowhereelse.fr. The cable looks like it connects the new smaller dock connector, the headphone jack and the home button connector, but details are unclear at this point. The website calls the placement of the headphone jack so close to the dock connector “troublesome” from an authenticity perspective because other leaked parts have indicated that the iPad mini’s headphone jack will be located on the top of the device just as it is with the current iPad. MacRumors, which was among the first sites to pick up the story, also writes that repair guru Kyle Weins of iFixit has chimed in and said that the leaked cable picture “is indeed consistent with being an Apple component,” but he was unable to confirm it with any certainty.

[Via MacRumors]