According to all accounts, Apple’s (AAPL) sixth-generation iPhone is going to be even better than its fifth-generation iPhone. Shocking, we know. Dozens of leaks suggest it will be taller, faster thanks to 4G LTE connectivity and it’ll perform better thanks to 1GB of RAM. It will also have a larger 4-inch display according to about a dozen reports (and videos), and it will be thinner. Much thinner. Everything has to be more compact in order to make the thin new design a reality, and a new video shows just how important every tenth of a millimeter really is. As seen in the video below, the new front panel for Apple’s next iPhone is 10% thinner than the iPhone 4S’s panel, and yet it still manages to resist scratches effectively. Apple’s new iPhone will be unveiled during a press conference on September 12th, and it is expected to launch one week later on the 21st.

[Via Cult Of Mac]