One of the advantages of using a traditional operating system such as Windows or Mac OS X is the ability to have multiple user accounts on one device. For some reason mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS have forgone the feature, leaving many people, us included, puzzled. Just as families often share desktop computers, there should be a way for families to share a single tablet while maintaining the privacy of each individual user. New evidence suggests that this feature may arrive on Android devices in the future, however.

According to Android Police, “miles of code” for multiple users accounts has already been written into the Android source code. In fact, it looks as if lock screen information, installed applications, running applications, application data, default applications, home screen widgets, accounts, syncing and language settings are already separated for multiple users.

Google (GOOG) apparently began work on the feature more than a year ago, and despite the progress, there is still a lot of work left to be done.


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