Gamigo Hack 11 Million Passwords

A user at password-hacking forum Inside Pro earlier this month published a half-gigabyte file that contained as many as 11 million passwords collected from users at the popular German gaming site Gamigo, Forbes reports. Even though the file containing the passwords has been removed from the forum, Forbes says the damage may have already been done since the file was available for weeks before being taken down. Steve Thomas, the founder of data breach warning service PwnedList, told Forbes that the published passwords represent “largest leak I’ve ever actually seen,” although he said that he could only count 8.2 million unique email addresses and passwords in the file rather than the 11 million claimed by the original leaker. Gamigo had apparently warned its users months ago that their accounts may have been compromised by hackers, although this past month marked the first time that its users’ email addresses and passwords had been published.