Samsung Apple Store Ripoff

Other designs are possible. Whether or not Samsung builds devices that are “copies” of Apple’s iPhone and iPad models is open to debate, but there’s really no question that Samsung dipped into Apple’s design file when it laid out plans for its first North American retail store. Samsung’s very first retail establishment to hit this continent doesn’t look a little bit like an Apple Store — it’s an unabashed ripoff. From the minimalist design, to the floor plan, to the layout of devices, to the walls full of accessories, to the store reps roaming around in bright blue shirts… it’s uncanny. There’s no question Apple’s unique retail strategy works though, so if there’s one company Samsung should be looking to emulate, we suppose it’s Apple. In light of the current state of the companies’ relationship however, it’s definitely a ballsy move. A video tour of Samsung’s Canadian Apple Store from YouTube user “gillianvancouver” follows below.

[Via BriefMobile]