iPhone 5 Preorders

Apple’s mythical “iPhone 5” — which does not yet exist and probably won’t be called the “iPhone 5” when it does become available this fall — is already available for preorder on Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao. As Reuters reports, Far Eastern vendors are looking to capitalize on the flurry of rumors that have swept the Web over the past few months. Independent sellers on the Alibaba-owned site are including mock-ups and rumored specs with their listings, and they’re asking for as much as $1,100 to secure a preorder for the world’s most eagerly anticipated smartphone. Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which is expected to look much like the mock-up pictured above, will reportedly feature a taller design, a larger 4-inch display, a slimmer profile, a new dock connector and 4G LTE connectivity when it launches this fall.