Google has received positive feedback regarding its mobile Chrome web browser. After arriving on the iPhone and iPad late last month, the browser quickly became the most popular free app in Apple’s App Store. More than 10,000 users have reviewed Chrome so far and it holds a near-perfect four and a half star rating. There is a common complaint among most users, however: unlike on Android, Apple does not allow users to change the default browser and users are stuck with Safari when opening links within email and most apps.

In an attempt to satisfy users, Google recently updated its developer website to teach app developers how they can make their apps compatible with Chrome. The Internet giant revealed a simple code that shows whether or not Chrome is installed, and a followup script that will allow developers to use Chrome to open links from within their apps.

Alternatively, there is also a simple Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads that can change the device’s default browser to Chrome so that all links will open in Google’s mobile browser.