Google Glass, Google’s tantalizing glasses headset that projects images and data directly onto users’ eyes, got its own segment at Google I/O Wednesday even though the product is nowhere near being released for public consumption yet. The Glass headset includes a camera that captures pictures, has a processor and memory to store data, a microphone to send and receive voice messages and multiple radios for mobile data communication. Google said today that Glass’s display is actually positioned just above a user’s eye so that it doesn’t cause a distraction. Google didn’t show off many of the high-end features that it teased in its initial video of the device but instead showed how the device could be used to transmit simple first-person videos across Google+. The company is offering Glass “Explorer Edition” for pre-order at $1,500 for Google I/O developers only, as the product is not yet ready for mass consumption and is still “rough around the edges” in Google’s words.