File-sharing giant Kim Dotcom was arrested in January when his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand was raided by authorities. His notorious file-sharing service Megaupload was shuttered the same day, and Dotcom was charged with money laundering, violating piracy laws, racketeering and a number of additional crimes. The flamboyant Internet millionaire immediately denied any wrongdoing. Dotcom, who was released on bail and faces serious charges, appears to be doing his best to make light of the situation with new Twitter and Instagram accounts. In typical Dotcom fashion, the larger-than-life playboy is using his new social media accounts to taunt authorities as he awaits trial. Noteworthy tweets include “Conspiracy to commit racketeering!” which appeared alongside an image of Dotcom and three colleagues holding tennis rackets at the Dotcom estate, and “Mathias’ first attempt at money laundering ;-)” which was accompanied by an image of a man washing money in a bowl of soapy water.