With Samsung’s Galaxy S III rolling out across at least five carriers in the United States beginning this month and HTC’s One X and One S already available, the world’s most popular Android 4.0 phone is already past its prime. The phone first hit the market in the U.S. this past December as a Verizon Wireless exclusive, and while Android 4.0 adoption is still just beginning to take off, technology has been a bit quicker to shift. Newly announced smartphones tout quad-core chipsets and vastly improved battery performance, but they also carry hefty price tags. For those in search of an Ice Cream Sandwich phone without having to fork over $200 or more, Amazon is now offering Samsung’s latest pure Google smartphone starting at just $0.01 with a new Verizon Wireless contract. The offer is available to new customers for a limited time only, though Amazon did not indicate when the promotion will expire.