Motorola Police Car Details

Police officers may soon find themselves patrolling the streets in next-generation vehicles that combine Knight Rider with modern technology to create a cruiser that can handle a good amount of police work on its own. Unveiled recently by Motorola Solutions, the 2012 Chevrolet Caprice PPV and Detective vehicle combines cutting-edge technology with General Motors’s pedigree to create a product that is as much a partner as it is a car. Included in Motorola’s custom Caprice is a voice-controlled computer system, as many as eight cameras, 4G LTE connectivity and a host of functionality that will help cops patrol the streets more efficiently and effectively. For example, the cameras strategically placed around the vehicle can scan an officer’s surroundings at all times, reading and processing license plate numbers as the officer passes other vehicles. As many as 10,000 plates can be processed per shift, and in the event the registered owner of a scanned vehicle has outstanding warrants or unpaid tickets, the vehicle’s on-board computer system will automatically alert the officer. A promo video showcasing Motorola’s patrol car of the future follows below.

[Via Fast Company]