Facebook will set its share price range between the high-$20s and mid-$30s when it makes its initial public offering later this month, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. According to the paper’s unnamed sources, the company is seeking a valuation of between $85 billion and $95 billion. Facebook is expected to make its offering on May 18th following a series of meetings with investors, and it could raise as much as $10 billion according to earlier reports. Facebook’s IPO is expected to be the largest such offering in history by an Internet company, besting Google’s $1.9 billion 2004 offering by a wide margin.

UPDATE: Facebook will offer 337.4 million shares priced between $28 and $35 per share, StreetInsider.com reports. According to CNBC, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will personally sell 30.2 million shares when Facebook makes its public offering, valued at roughly $1 billion.