We have seen a number of leaked images showing a variety of handsets said to be the Galaxy S3 trickle out over the past few weeks. According to reports, this is by design — Samsung reportedly housed test versions of its next-generation Galaxy smartphone in a number of decoy cases in order to prevent the actual design from leaking ahead of the phone’s unveiling. On Tuesday, however, Samsung blog SamMobile.com published photos of what it claims to be the final release version of the Galaxy S3. The unannounced handset shown features a sleek design, a unique rounded glass face and a 12-megapixel camera, and a screenshot shows handset model number GT-i9300 and Android version 4.0.4. The site’s source says Samsung also plans to unveil a second device at its upcoming press conference, the GT-i9800, however no additional information was made available. Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone will be unveiled on Thursday during a press conference in London. A second leaked photo of the purported Galaxy S3 follows below.

UPDATE: Images removed at owner’s request.