When Apple’s new iPad failed to sell out at retail stores in and around New York City, we wondered if launch day turn-out was lower than expected or if Apple had finally managed to build enough iPads to meet consumer demand. We got our answer on Monday afternoon when Apple announced that it had sold more than 3 million new iPads in less than four days. While retail locations still seem to have a fair amount of inventory on hand, Apple’s online store still shows that all iPad models are out of stock. Shipping quotes for new iPad orders improved on Tuesday, however, dropping from an estimated delivery time of 2-3 weeks to 1-2 weeks. Apple’s new iPad features a 2,048 x 1,536-pixel Retina Display, a new dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics, a 5-megapixel camera and optional 4G LTE connectivity. BGR reviewed the new tablet on Monday and said it improves upon the iPad 2 in almost every way, keeping Apple not one but two steps ahead of the competition.