Apple’s new iPad continues to push the company miles and miles beyond any possible competition. The new Apple tablet really does feel the same as the iPad 2, even though it’s slightly tapered in a different way, but it’s a tad bit thicker and a smidgen heavier. The most incredible thing about it is, of course, that beautiful Retina Display. It’s best display I have ever seen, period. It actually looks unreal, like it’s not a digital display at all, but an actual printed glossy photo. It’s kind of mind-blowing. I haven’t had much time (obviously) to test 4G LTE on the new iPad, but one more thing I’ll say is that the iPad doesn’t feel heavier and thicker than my iPad 2, and I really like the more tapered feel of it — it fits more comfortably in the hand now. We’ll be following up this hands-on preview with our in-depth review, but for now, check out some photos of the new iPad in our gallery below.