Samsung still isn’t done trotting out new variants of the Galaxy S line, but the big one is coming. Samsung publicly stated that we wouldn’t see the Samsung Galaxy S III announced at Mobile World Congress this year, and one of the major reasons was an effort to shorten the gap between announcing the flagship smartphone and launching it around the world. This time around, we’ve heard from a trusted source that Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III in over 50 “markets or cities” simultaneously. The real news, however, is the fact that we’ll be seeing a supersized display (and you know how we feel about those) that will measure 4.8-inches. We weren’t told the type of display, though other rumors talked about something ridiculous like a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. Also, instead of cheap, glossy plastic, we’re told the entire back of the smartphone will be ceramic — a pretty interesting choice of materials. Other previously rumored specs include a quad-core processor, Android 4.0, 4G LTE, great cameras and other competitive specifications. We’ll keep our ears to the ground, so stay tuned for more!