iPad 3 with FaceTime HD, iPad 2 to $299

What would the Consumers Electronics Show be without Apple rumors overshadowing most of the announcements? iLounge‘s Jeremy Horwitz has taken to Twitter to break down some of the leaked iPad 3 information he’s hearing. First off, it’s being reported that in addition to the rear camera on the iPad 3 being on par with the iPhone 4 or even iPhone 4S camera, the front-facing camera will support HD FaceTime video chats. Because of the Retina Display and new components, Horwitz reiterates an earlier report that parts of the iPad 3 will be around 1mm thicker to accommodate the new components. Finally, the iPad 3 should launch starting at $499 around March, and it will would push the iPad 2 down to $399, possibly even $299 if Apple decides to sell an 8GB unit.