Despite a wide selection of Android tablets as well as an own-brand offering from Research In Motion, Android and BlackBerry smartphone users prefer Apple’s iPad above competitive tablet offerings. A recent survey of 2,500 respondents conducted by market research firm Maritz Research found that to be the case, Forbes reports. When presented with a choice of 14 different tablets from 11 different vendors, most Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users identified the iPad as the tablet they would most like to buy. 53% of BlackBerry users identified the iPad as their tablet of choice, and only 8.5% said the BlackBerry PlayBook would be their preference. Among Android smartphone users, 41% indicated that they would choose the iPad over any other tablet, and 40% of Windows Mobile users said the iPad was the most appealing tablet. 15% of Android users said they would buy the Amazon Kindle Fire and 19% said they would buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab, while 16% of Windows Mobile users expressed interest in purchasing a Kindle Fire and 12% said they would buy a Galaxy Tab.