The International Trade Commission has ruled that camera technology used in HTC devices does not infringe on patents registered to former Apple subsidiary FlashPoint Technology. HTC is currently locked up in a number of patent spats, and the Taiwan-based company most recently was found to be infringing on a patent owned by IPCom. That ruling resulted in an injunction blocking sales of HTC smartphones in Germany, but HTC is fighting the decision, saying it does not believe the ruling will materially impact its business. In need of some good news on the legal front, the ITC on Tuesday upheld a ruling from July that found HTC not guilty of infringing a registered patent FlashPoint Technology said was being used unlawfully in HTC’s Android and Windows Phone devices. Based in New Hampshire, FlashPoint is a patent licensing firm formerly owned by Apple. The company had previously filed similar suits against RIM, Nokia and LG, and each of the companies settled for undisclosed amounts.

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