Samsung plans to depose a number of current and former Apple employees as part of its ongoing legal battle with the company, EdibleApple reported on Wednesday. Jonathan Ive, Shin Nishibori, Christopher Stringer and Douglas Satzger were among those named in Samsung’s motion. Samsung originally hoped the employees would sit for deposition before November 1st, although each one was unavailable for various reasons. The South Korea-based company has asked for an extension until December 1st as a result. Jonathan Ive is currently Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design. Shin Nishibori is also involved with industrial design, Christopher Stringer is an inventor named on many of Apple’s patents and Doug Satzger is a former employee who worked on creative aspects of the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook. Apple has pending lawsuits open against Samsung in courts around the globe and has accused the company of creating “copycat devices.” Samsung has also sued Apple and is currently seeking to ban the iPhone 4S in Australia and Japan.