Propelled by the popularity of its iPad tablet and the successful launch of the latest iPhone, Apple’s share of the mobile operating system market jumped significantly in October. Apple’s iOS saw just 1.6% growth between August and September of this year according to Net Applications, as iPhone sales slowed in anticipation of a new model in October. That new model, the iPhone 4S, sold more than 4 million units during its opening weekend alone, causing Apple’s cell phone and tablet operating system share to balloon to 61.64% of the global market in October, up 7% from 54.65% in September. Read on for more.

Apple’s iOS wasn’t the only platform to see impressive growth in October. According to Net Applications, Google’s Android platform overtook Java ME by a huge margin to take the No. 2 spot globally. Android’s market share grew from 16.26% in September to 18.90% in October while Java ME dropped from 18.52% to 12.84% over the same period.

Net Applications’ October data also shows that the Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone platforms lost share in October. Symbian dipped to 3.48% from 6.12%, RIM’s BlackBerry OS slid to 2.48% from 3.29% and Microsoft’s mobile share dropped to 0.20% from 0.27% in September.