North Americans have officially embraced the “post-PC era” according to a new report from broadband solutions provider Sandvine. The company’s Global Internet Phenomena Report for Fall 2011 analyzes user behavior on the Internet to identify trends, and the trend in several key areas is quickly moving away from traditional personal computers. For the first time, more real-time home entertainment was delivered to devices like gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets in the United States than to PCs. “[We have] entered a post-PC era, in which the majority of Real-Time Entertainment traffic on North America’s fixed access networks is destined for devices other than a laptop or desktop computer,” Sandvine said in its report. “Game consoles, settop boxes, smart TVs, tablets, and mobile devices being used within the home combine to receive 55% of all Real-Time Entertainment traffic.” An infographic highlighting key data from Sandvine’s report follows below.