China’s No. 3 wireless carrier is readying a massive marketing and advertising blitz as it prepares to begin taking iPhone 5 pre-orders at the end of this month, a report claims. Chinese-language daily newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily on Wednesday reported that China Telecom has already begun training staff in preparation for the launch of Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone handset. Sales of the device will begin in October, however the carrier will reportedly be opening pre-order sales toward the end of September. Southern Metropolis Daily also notes that China Telecom may increase the subsidy it offers on the new Apple smartphone in an effort to bump sales, and the carrier is also rumored to be prepping a 1.5 billion yuan ($235 million) marketing and advertising campaign surrounding the iPhone 5. With the country’s top carrier, China Mobile, expected to offer the iPhone 5 as well this fall, China Telecom’s aggressive strategy should do well to help bolster sales.