Rumors that Apple plans to release an updated iPhone 4 model — referred to on tech blogs as the “iPhone 4S” — alongside the iPhone 5 this fall gained momentum on Thursday evening as images of purported iPhone 4S parts were published by The site says it received parts belonging to the iPhone 4S case from supplier, an online iPhone and iPod repair shop. If these components are believed to be authentic, it appears as though the iPhone 4S will feature a redesigned antenna that may help alleviate attenuation resulting from the notorious “death grip.” In addition, MacPost published an image of what is purported to be the rear back from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. The redesigned white case back is said to be from a prototype device and it bears the model number “N94,” which we reported belongs to a forthcoming iPhone. MacPost also published several images of various supposed iPhone 5 parts we’ve already seen in the past. The image of the iPhone 5 rear cover and another image of the iPhone 4S antenna assembly follow below.

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