Millennial Media reports a sizable swing in smartphone usage for the first time in several months, with Android usage on the firm’s network increasing from 54% in June to 61% in July. Android’s lead as reported by Millennial’s Mobile Mix report now extends through its eight consecutive month, and Apple’s iOS again finds itself a distant No. 2. While iOS has declined slowly but steadily over the past few months on the Millennial ad network, July saw Apple’s OS drop six points to 21%. IOS lost just one point in each of the previous two months. RIM’s BlackBerry platform dropped one point to 14% in July, Symbian slid one point to 2% and Windows Phone stayed flat at 2%. Apple was once again the top vendor in July according to Millennial with a 26.45% share of the market, and Samsung followed with 19.11%. RIM was No. 3 with 11.45%, HTC was No. 4 with 10.98% and Motorola rounded out the top-5 with 10.26% of the market. Apple’s iPhone was also the most popular smartphone on Millennial’s network in July at 13.60%, followed by the Samsung Nexus S at 5.73% and the BlackBerry Curve at 5.23%. Additional charts from Millennial’s report follow below.