Following BGR’s exclusive report that showed carriers are currently in the process of testing a 4G LTE-enabled iPhone, a new report raises additional questions surrounding Apple and its plans for LTE. Engadget has received a photograph from an anonymous tipstethatr  reportedly shows LTE equipment that was recently installed at an unnamed Apple Store location. According to the report, the gear was installed by AT&T and it supports the 700MHz and AWS bands, which AT&T plans to use for 4G LTE if its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA is approved by regulators. No other information regarding the equipment was made available, though the report does go on to claim that Apple Stores in the region where this gear was installed are currently in the process of increasing their sales forces by 30%. Engadget says this increase is unrelated to the standard ramp-up in hires ahead of the holiday season each year, which occurs closer to the season.

UPDATE: Image removed at source’s request.