Motorola is rumored to be working on a new tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a 4:3 aspect ratio like Apple’s iPad. Fusible did a bit of digging on Friday and found that the upcoming slate could be dubbed the “Motorola KORE.” Motorola Trademark Holdings on Wednesday register five new domains:,,, and Fusible speculates that these domains are being held for the launch of Motorola Mobility’s second Android-powered tablet. Earlier rumors suggested the slate would be dubbed the XOOM 2, but following a tepid reception, it is entirely possible that Motorola could dump the brand for the slightly edgier “KORE” moniker. Also of note, Motorola’s next tablet could be one of the first slates to ship with NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El processor, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Moto intended to make those four “kores” the main focus of its marketing campaign. Motorola released its XOOM tablet in the U.S. this past March and while sales haven’t been stellar, the slate has fared relatively well compared to other Android tablets on the market with 250,000 units shipped in the first quarter.