Apple on Monday filed a new patent complaint with the International Trade Commission looking to block the sale of several HTC devices it claims infringe on Apple patents, Bloomberg reports. Apple recently filed a similar complaint with the ITC looking to block the sale of several Samsung smartphones and tablets that Apple feels copy the iPhone and iPad. The move was the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple surrounding multiple patent disputes. Apple’s patent disputes with HTC date back even further, however — Apple first filed a patent complaint against against the Taiwan-based smartphone maker early in 2010. HTC responded by denying claims that it was infringing on Apple patents, and the company later filed a countersuit in May 2010 alleging that Apple was in fact infringing on five of its patents. An ITC lawyer said earlier this year that siding with HTC in the patent disputes was best for the public, but today’s filing suggests that Apple is undeterred by the lawyer’s recent comments.