An Arkansas man has been indicted for carrying out a cyberattack on AT&T servers that resulted in the theft of personal data from more than 100,000 iPad users. Andrew Auernheimer has been charged by a New Jersey grand jury with one count of conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers and one count of identity theft, Reuters reports. Auernheimer’s codefendant Daniel Spitler entered a guilty plea after being charged with the same crimes late last month. Court documents recount several conversations Auernheimer allegedly had surrounding the AT&T breach, and the evidence appears to be damning. “If we get 1 reporters address with this somehow we instantly have a story,” he wrote to Spitler on June 6, 2010, according to the indictment. “HI I STOLE YOUR EMAIL FROM AT&&T WANT TO KNOW HOW?” Auernheimer later continued, “The more email addresses we get … the more of a freakout we can cause.” Both Auernheimer and Spitler are said to be associated with “Goatse Security,” a hacker group reportedly focused on disrupting online content and services.