Sprint’s flagship EVO 3D hasn’t even made its way out of the womb yet and its successor is already official. HTC on Thursday unveiled the EVO 4G + in South Korea — odd, since “EVO” is a Sprint brand. The new superphone is essentially a Sensation in EVO’s clothing, and it features a 4.3-inch display, an 8-megapixel camera, HTC’s latest Sense UI and, of course, 4G WiBRO connectivity for the South Korean market. Expect that BRO to be MAX’d when the 4G + makes its way to U.S. shores, which might not be for a while unless Sprint doesn’t mind the EVO 3D sharing the spotlight with a 3D-less device. Of course the massively popular EVO 4G is getting a little gray up top these day, so a next-generation 4G + model would be more than welcome for those not interested in a third dimension on their smartphones. Hit the break for a third-party video of the EVO 4G + in action.