At the Display Taiwan 2011 conference taking place this week in Taipei, display manufacturer CPT gave us a glimpse at the iPad 3D many users have been hoping for. Of course this 3D-enabled iPad 2 is a modified unit that will never see production, but it does highlight the fact that even though the iPad 2 is remarkably thin, there’s still room for a 3D display in the ultra-slim aluminum case. While Apple has been rumored on numerous occasions to be testing iPad models with 3D display technology, it is likely that the company would opt for a glasses-free panel as opposed to the panel fitted into this iPad 2 by CPT, which requires 3D glasses. The prototype is interesting nonetheless, and as the presenter mentions, the possibility of 3D will be an added benefit once Apple releases an iPad model with a Retina Display. A video showcasing the 3D-enabled iPad 2 can be seen below.

Thanks, Nicole