Facebook continues to be an overwhelmingly dominant force in the social space and according to Facebook stat tracker Socialbreaker, the massive social network is rapidly approaching 700,000,000 users worldwide. Emerging markets are showing the most growth by far, lead by Brazil, which grew by 11.4% in May of this year alone as it added nearly 2 million users. Indonesia added 1.5 million users, the Philippines added 1.3 million and Mexico and Argentina closed out the top-5, adding 1.1 million users each. The U.S. is still the top country in terms of volume of Facebook users with a staggering 149.4 million users, and Indonesia sits at a distant second with 37.9 million according to Socialbreaker. Turkey, the U.K. and India round out the top-5 with 28.9 million, 28.6 million and 26.6 million users, respectively.