While Apple’s iPhone had a head start, there’s just no stopping Google’s Android OS as far as market share is concern. What’s interesting is that, generally, web browsing on an iPhone had been a much more enjoyable experience, thus the higher web browsing stats from the iPhone versus other smartphones. Fast forward to today, and web browsing is pretty comparable on both platforms, with each having their strengths and weaknesses. For the first time ever, our internal statistics showed that Android phones visited the BGR site more than iPhone users in May, making Android the most used smartphone platform for browsing on BGR.com. The iPhone isn’t far behind with around 1% separating the two, and iOS devices combined (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) absolutely drawf Android at over 61% of total mobile browsing share compared to Android’s 35%. Another bit of data we found interesting? It’s pretty sad to see, but iPod touch users actually use web browsing on their devices more than BlackBerry users, with BlackBerry users only making up 2.01% of the mobile browsing on BGR compared to 2.98% for the iPod touch.