Earlier this week, ASUS teased a new device to be unveiled at the annual Computex trade show. The question it raised, “pad or phone?” lead many to speculate that we might be looking at another device featuring a convertible form factor similar to that of the company’s popular Eee Pad Transformer. Now, new teaser images posted to ASUS’ Facebook page add fuel to the fire. The first teaser, pictured above on the left, shows a smartphone and reads, “Break the rules: A tablet that jumps out at you.” The second, pictured on the right, shows both a tablet and an Android phone while asking, “Break the rules: Pad or phone? How about both?” It would now certainly appear as though ASUS is preparing to unveil a hybrid device  that marries a smartphone with a tablet, just as the Eee Pad Transformer married a tablet with a netbook computer.

[Via Engadget]