As much as we loved the HTC ThunderBolt when we reviewed it this past March, we can certainly understand if some people are hesitant to spend $250 on a new smartphone — even if it does run on the fastest cellular network in the country. If you fall into that category of intrigued smartphone buyers who just cant stomach parting with that much money up front, you’re in luck. AmazonWireless has brought back its previous sale price for the ThunderBolt. That’s right, just $129.99, a smartphone data plan and a two-year contract will get you all the 4G’d Froyo you can handle — but only for a limited time.

UPDATE: To clarify, during this sale the ThunderBolt is $129.99 for new customers, $174.99 for existing customers upgrading on an individual account, and $199.99 for existing customers upgrading a line on a family plan.