Taiwan’s minister of the Counsel of Labor Affairs (CLA) on Thursday announced her intentions to raise the nation’s basic wage for public workers by over 3%. CLA minister Jennifer Wang remarked that despite a 3.47% increase to Taiwan’s basic wage last year, the planned 3% pay hike for public workers should be increased further still. Wang argues that the country’s base pay was too low to begin with, so another 3% hike will not be sufficient for those earning a minimum wage. As of January 1st of this year, basic pay for public workers was increased from NT$17,280 to NT$17,880, or approximately $619 each month. The CLA minister’s comments came following Lawmaker Ho Tsai-feng’s note that the minimum wage should be raised by $2,330 each month, the average increase across all public workers at the currently slated 3% rate. This would bring Taiwan’s monthly minimum wage to NT$20,110, or $696.