The HP Veer might not be the webOS smartphone we’re most anxious to see launch, but there’s no question this petite phone packs a punch — and according to an event invitation revealed by webOS enthusiast blog PreCentral, the Veer will finally touch down in early May. HP is sending out invitations to a launch party for the Veer on May 2nd in California, and launch parties are typically accompanied by… launches. What’s more, those those who sent in an affirmative RSVP supposedly received instructions via email to bring an ID badge or a business card from AT&T or Best Buy in order to gain entry to the event. As such, an AT&T launch is likely a pretty safe bet. We took a hands-on look at the Veer back in February and the solid build of this tiny smartphone definitely impressed us, but we weren’t sure the tiny 2.6-inch touchscreen display had a place in the age of supersized smartphones. As an aside, it looks like that narrowed gap HP CEO Leo Apotheker claimed we would see between HP’s product announcements and launches isn’t so narrow after all. Apotheker said we should expect webOS devices to launch “within weeks” of HP’s February event, however — though we suppose the 12-weeks between HP’s Veer announcement and launch is, technically, within weeks.

[Via PreCentral]