New images of what is claimed to be Apple’s next-generation iPod touch have surfaced, though even the sites revealing the images are extremely skeptical of their authenticity. The most notable observations are a new home button design and the increased storage capacity of the purported fifth-generation iPod touch. Somewhat in line with our exclusive report from earlier this year, the device pictured lacks Apple’s current home button used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Instead, it appears to showcase a capacitive home button. An image of the device’s About screen also reveals 128GB of internal storage, which would be a 100% increase compared to the current model. While there is not yet any conclusive evidence that these images are real or fake, the storage reading is a bit suspect. An iOS device with 128GB of storage should display a capacity reading somewhere between 115GB and 120GB, not 126.5GB as the images show. Hit the jump for a few more pictures of the device.