Microsoft first took the wraps off its Windows Phone 7 platform at its MIX10 conference in March 2010. At that time, Microsoft began a long and important process of courting developers, distributing developer tools and giving interested parties an ecosystem that would allow them to thrive. Now, one year later, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Director Brandon Watson shares some numbers regarding developer involvement with the Windows Phone platform. So far, Microsoft’s Windows Phone developer tools have been downloaded 1.5 million times by 36,000 registered developers. About 1,200 new developers register for the Windows Phone developer program each week. The Windows Marketplace is now home to 11,500 apps, 7,500 of which are paid, and Windows Phone users download an average of 12 apps each month. Developer adoption of the Windows Phone platform will likely continue to accelerate as developers prepare for the sales surge expected when Nokia finally begins bringing Windows Phones to market.