Adobe Flash support was noticeably absent from the Motorola XOOM at launch, though it was because Adobe wanted to ship Flash 10.2 as opposed to 10.1, and that’s all finally in the past. Starting today, Adobe Flash 10.2 will be available in the Android market for most Android devices — Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. It supports dual-core CPU smartphones, increased battery life performance, and will even support full 720p Flash playback in the general availability release due “within weeks.” We have been playing with Adobe Flash 10.2 on our XOOM for about a day and we have to say, performance has been pretty stellar. That also is without full hardware acceleration including hardware rendering and compositing, which Adobe told us will come soon. Keep checking the Android Market for the latest version of Flash and let us know what kind of performance increases you’re seeing, alright?