iPad Wi-Fi + 3G users who have been paying $30 each month for unlimited data can now rest assured that they’ll have the option to continue doing so if they opt to upgrade to the new iPad 2. AT&T made an unlimited data plan available to early iPad owners last year, but decided to pull the plan in favor of the capped options we have now. Users who purchased their iPad on or before June 7th had the option to grab the unlimited data plan, however, and as long as they kept paying for it each month since, the plan is still alive and kicking. Now AT&T has confirmed that these data-hungry iPad owners will be able to transfer their grandfathered unlimited plans to the new iPad 2, should they choose to upgrade. While the iPad 2 is thought by some to be a modest incremental update, current iPad owners yearning for that sleek new case and Apple’s speedy A5 processor can now remain calm knowing that they won’t lose their data plans when they buy the new model.