CTIA vice president Rob Mesirow said on Thursday that a “significant” new tablet will be unveiled at the annual CTIA trade show later this month. The show will be packed full of tablets — just like this year’s CES — as we all expected. “Tablets are just an extension. We’ll start seeing a lot of extension devices. It’s probably no accident that most of the new phones coming out will be able to tether 5-7 products to that phone,” Mesirow told PC Magazine in an interview. “We’re going to see a ton of tablets at this show.” Unlike CES, however, it also looks like we might finally see a new round of Windows Phone 7 devices announced at CTIA. “We’re going to see a lot more out of Windows Phone 7 at this show, but it’ll be moving into the fall show in a much bigger way,” the CTIA exec noted. But Android will still be the belle of the ball, of course. “Android, Android, Android,” Mesirow said when asked what the predominant smartphone platform at CTIA might be.