Is AT&T finally realizing that not as many people care about simultaneous voice and data as it once thought? Initially, it seemed like AT&T would endlessly harp on the feature as its only selling point to combat Verizon Wireless’ new iPhone 4, but now it appears AT&T has finally found some new ammunition: the iPhone 3GS. It seems like an odd choice at first; using a year-old device to combat Verizon’s shiny new iPhone 4. The price tag says it all, however — at $49, AT&T’s iPhone 3GS is $150 cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 4 and $250 cheaper than the 32GB model. This makes the device accessible to a whole new demographic, and AT&T has to be quick in addressing this market because once the iPhone 5 launches, Verizon Wireless will have its own previous-generation model to sell on the cheap. Hit the break for a video showing AT&T’s new iPhone commercial.