Just one week after the nation’s No. 1 carrier finally unleashes its iPhone 4 on the world, Verizon Wireless may have another handset launch waiting in the wings. Granted, with HP’s webOS event less than a week away and the possibility of exciting new tablets and smartphones dancing through our heads, it’s not easy to get excited about an incremental upgrade from last year’s debut webOS phone. Granted, the Palm Pre 2 offers some nice improvements over its predecessor, such as a faster processor, a glass screen and the new webOS 2.0 operating system — but you’ll forgive us if a 3.1-inch display and that teeny tiny QWERTY keypad don’t exactly get our engines revving here in 2011. On the other hand, we do absolutely love the webOS operating system and $99.99 is a fair price point for Palm’s latest phone, especially if there’s a BOGO sale involved. If the screen shot above pans out, expect Verizon to finally let this little guy loose on February 17th.