Several BGR readers have emailed us to point out a new limited-time promotion T-Mobile is running, and we’re glad they did because it’s quite an attractive deal. The caveat: you’ll have to put all those shiny new dual-core Android phones from CES out of your mind, and ignore the second wave of next-generation smartphones set to be announced later this month at MWC. With that out of the way, T-Mobile is offering not one but two free T-Mobile G2 smartphones with the activation of a new unlimited two-line family plan. The carrier will also waive both activation fees, normally $35 a piece, and ship your new smartphones to you for free. The plan runs $179.99 per month all-in, and includes unlimited nationwide voice calling, text messaging and data — “4G” data, no less — for both phones. This is a Web-only promotion and T-Mobile hasn’t said how long this limited-time deal will last, so hit the read link for the rest of the details.