An administrator of a German Nokia enthusiast forum dug through a variety of MeeGo bug reports, source code files and log files recently, and has assembled the specification details contained within. While impressive, to say the least, there is no indication at this point that all of these juicy specs are destined for a single smartphone. But it’s safe to say that Nokia is working with some pretty advanced hardware as it prepares to embrace the MeeGo platform, which will power all of its high end smartphones in the near future. So, what did this forum admin uncover? How about a 1.6GHz Intel CPU, a 200MHz GPU with 512MB of dedicated RAM, 1GB of system RAM, an 854 x 480-pixel touchscreen display, an HDMI-out port, HSPA+, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11n and all the standard sensors. Specs along aren’t going to save Nokia as its profits and market share continue to shrink at an alarming pace, that’s for sure — but top of the line, well-spec’d devices are one important piece of an enormous puzzle that Nokia needs to assemble as quickly as it can.

[Via IntoMobile]