Considering the huge amount of money carriers pull in for Apple these days, the Cupertino-based giant has to be careful now that AT&T isn’t the only iPhone game in town here in the U.S. The company definitely wants to help draw attention to the fact that the iPhone 4 will soon be available from the nation’s largest wireless carrier, but it also doesn’t want to burn any bridges with AT&T, the carrier that helped it sell a record number of smartphones last quarter. The solution for the time being, it seems, is to keep things simple. Apple’s new iPhone ad dubbed “Two is better than one” shows two iPhone 4 units — one from AT&T and one from Verizon Wireless — both doing the exact same things for 30 seconds. Why play favorites when both companies stand to sell truckloads of Apple smartphones? Luckily for Verizon Wireless, the ad doesn’t show this pair of iPhones trying to browse the Web while on a phone call. And luckily for AT&T, the ad doesn’t show this pair of iPhones, well, trying to even make a phone call. Hit the jump for the full commercial.