An LG exec was recently heard voicing concerns surrounding the Windows Phone 7 platform, basically saying that the new OS has potential but sales aren’t meeting expectations. He also reportedly said that savvy smartphone users might find the platform “boring.” Lucky for Microsoft, Europe’s largest cellular carrier doesn’t appear to share LG’s opinion. Deutsche Telekom, owner of the massive European network T-Mobile, is hardly bored with the emerging mobile operating system, having told German Press Agency dpa that Windows Phone 7 sales to date have been excellent. “We are ahead of budget, Microsoft is very pleased,” Deutsche Telekom’s head of consumer marketing Ingo Hofacker said at a CeBIT preview in Munich. As huge as the European market is, it’s great to see a wholehearted endorsement issued based on sales from the region’s leading carrier. A second wave of new Windows Phone 7 devices is expected to be unveiled by multiple cell phone makers at the Mobile World Congress show next month.

[Via Windows Phone Central]